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the only earth?

news of the weird

Apparently the show of tearing down Saddam Hussein statues in Iraq wasn't just a media event, it was an expedition to gather raw materials for new statuary:
[Two] 50-foot-tall towering bronze statues depicting a heroic Saddam as the mighty conqueror, on horseback, sword aloft ... were melted down and recast by a skilled Iraqi artist who turned them into a new memorial that depicts a GI mourning his fallen comrades while a young girl tries to console him.
My favorite juxtaposition of the many brain-exploding details in the article is that the new statue was designed by the original sculptor and funded by donations from soldiers.


Missed Opportunity

I was really hoping they would be recast as a statue of Bush. On horseback. Sword aloft.

paulie walnuts

that would've been perfect, and probably much less expensive.