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terrified of flight

Back from Michigan with this bit typed on the plane from Detroit to Seattle:
At the airport, I decided to wear sunglasses inside for the rest of the day. Of course, I realized the ridiculousness given yesterday's viewing of the ABC television event featuring Adam Corrola and other professional stylists/hosts who wore sunglasses all the time. But the part of interest is that on the plane after the kid with the dvd vacated the aisle seat to sit with his brother, a woman who I assumed to be en route to the bathroom quickly seized the empty seat. Before I could capitalize on the empty aisle, she was contorting strangely -- we're talking about removing shoes and locking toes into middle seatback's reading material pouch weird. Later, twising feet onto middle seat and then with her head on middle seat. This, after awknowledging the obvious invasion of personal space. Her explanation involved being very tired.


The point. she was also wearing sunglasses. And the moral: there is danger in looking stupid.

And of course all of the kids (the flight is especially full of young teens) in the row in front are pushing the limits of their seatbacks. not as if they are tall. maybe the asian teen with the customary large head and attempted blonde but more orange highlights slash failed dye attempt, has just cause for the additional room. the others are just squirrelly.

Did I mention my unexpeted fear at the enormous size of the clouds around the DTW airport i don't know why i never noticed that they were so intimidatingly big. Later, I had an unpleasant deja vu experience regarding a plane crash dream with lots of weird details: jugging two cans of soda, turbulence, the page and position of oblivion, brown lakes below, the strange woman pleading for pretzels.

anyway. the world did not end as predicted by my dream and I made it back home without incident. Except that it basically takes twelve hours to get from Ludington to Seattle, including the to/from/at the airport and now I'm tired.

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