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My regularly scheduled Wednesday meeting was cancelled; so I was free to run all of my pre-trip errands today.

I went to the gym. Mostly to pick up shoes from my basket to take with me, but stayed for fitness purposes. Since the next ten days are likely to be lazy. But who knows?

Later, I cheated on my barber. Yes, I know that I had a haircut a few days ago, but I was annoyed by it and decided to go somewhere else (Vain) for a second opinion. In case you didn't know, they will give you a free touch-up haircut within four weeks. This, to me, seems like an excellent policy.

Then it was off to Cinerama for Spiderman 2. Carole and I were the only ones who arrived well ahead of schedule; so we hung out at Top Pot. I even tried the ovaltine latte.

When the line started to look threateningly large, we crossed the street and joined it. Why people think that it's appropriate to show up more than an hour before showtime is beyond me, but now I've accepted it and am officially part of the problem. Eventually, Jon, Atri, Carolyn, Jeff, and Rachel arrived and we found a nice block of seats for our early waiting efforts.

The movie was entertaining -- a good blend of comic book over-the-topness (screaming people! sappy monologues! etc.), a decent story, humor, great looking effects, and good actors. The videogame aspects from the first film were still there, but I think they were a little better integrated. I guess I'd rather have them look cool and fake than real and stupid; a few were really engaging. All in all, it's was a fun summer movie.

Post-show, Carolyn, Jeff, and I walked down to the newish (not unnamed, as I'd hoped) See Sound Lounge [sw (again)]. It is very white with great couches, automated bathrooms, and a DJ. It seems like a good place to hang out, but I can't tell if it's a clone of Bada since I haven't been there. We didn't stay very long since I still needed to pack my bags and Jeff had work to do.

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