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america's game

yesterday was a great day for a ballgame, just not a great day for the Mariners.

After breakfast with Tim & Chris at Louisa's, I walked down to Safeco through the few blocks of americana that surrounds a ballpark. Entire snack and clothing industries thrive happily in the shadow of professional sporting arenas, fed by the airport+ crowds. But I think that baseball crowds have an especially wholesome feel. Maybe it was the postcard blue skies or the Sunday afternoon components.

Even though the Mariners aren't very good, the stadium was relatively full. In a way it's nice that they aren't so popular that it's possible to get walk-up tickets in the hour before a game. I doubt that the mix of un-abandoned seats and easy ticketing will continue indefinitely if the team continues to suck. It's not as if they're the Cubs or that Safeco is Wrigley.

Anyway, as far as I'm concerned sitting in the shade, migrating to the sun, not singing "God Bless America," ignoring the animated boat race,1 and occasionally paying attention to a losing ballgame is a nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Especially when it's followed by a stroll through an unusually clean Pioneer Square plus gelato?

(1) seriously. what is wrong with people? the "boats" are sponsored and they have "records."


One of my favorite things to do at M's games takes place during the "hat trick" game on the jumbotron. The next time you go, just turn around and you'll see almost every single person staring at the board.. Some don't even blink. I see great potential for controlling minds and taking over the world!
I know. People cheering for predetermined animated races as if they mysteriously have a stake in the outcome. I mean, if the boats were controlled by people playing a videogame and there would be a special promotion based on the winner, that would still be lame. But it would be less upsetting that people cared about it.
aw man you should have grabbed me up for breakfast.


sorry. I don't know why I assumed that Chris would coordinate invitations. we'll need to be more consistent once everyone returns from the midwest.

Re: d'oh!

it's all good
i agree that the boat races are stupid, but the hat trick is the best thing ever.