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the supremes

It's Supreme Court scorecard time:
8 to 1: "Due process demands that a citizen held in the United States as an enemy combatant be given a meaningful opportunity to contest the factual basis for that detention before a neutral decisionmaker"

6 to 3: federal courts have the jurisdiction to consider challenges to the custody of foreigners.

5 to 4: Mr. Padilla filed his habeas corpus petition in the wrong court & the proper target for his case is not Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld but, rather, Cmdr. Melanie Marr. [nyt]

I'm staying tuned for updates to the "Supreme Court Breakfast Table" [slate]


For a second there I thought they weren't going to find an issue to sidestep. It's becoming as certain as death and taxes.

I would love a nice little breakdown on the legal record that got Clarence Thomas nominated to the Court. Somewhere there must have been some brilliance...