josh (joshc) wrote,

sloth vs. pride

It's saturday and I've done a whole lot of nothing today. I barely caught up on reading and watching stupid television shows. On the two occasions that I left the apartment (for a haircut and later for gelato), I noticed a serious outbreak of at least one of the seven deadly sins in my neighborhood. Anyway, you go gays!, et c.

I've been pretending to watch the Mariners -- I'm going to a game tomorrow, so it seemed like good preparation -- it has been going on forever. I don't even know how it's possible that these two innings have stretched on for over an hour.

Oh right. I saw Farenheit 9/11 last night with the good people of Seattle. I was prepared not to like it much, but thought that it was pretty well done and that most of the criticism has been overplayed. For instance, I think that one of the core arguments of Christopher Hitchens's takedown of the film is based on a misquote [slate]. Though there wasn't much in the movie that was new, seeing it all in one place and in sequence was pretty remarkable.

The film starts with the 2000 election and the question "was it all just a dream?" which pretty much summarizes how I feel about the past four years. I remember taking to Nick on the porch of our house in East Lansing about how much it was going to suck when Bush became president. Is that even possible, given that it was 1999? And getting home from class, happily seeing Florida called for Gore and then flipped back and forth all night. More like "was it all just a nightmare?"

Anyway. Go see it, remind yourself of the past four years. Find out what pepole are talking about. Know that it's more of an op-ed or editorial cartoon than anything else. See images of civilian casualties that result even from a "humane war with precision weapons" and disillusioned service people, which have not necessarily received much in the way of television coverage.

With this, I think I've completed the a 2004 trifecta of "america hater" movies (also: The Corporation, Control Room), though I guess that The Hunting of the President (and others, I'm sure -- e.g., Uncovered) kind of ruins the horse race analogy, doesn't it?

Also,at dinner before the movie, squeezed into a boothish table in the bar/rave room, we learned how to pronounce the "J" in Jai Thai (hint: it's not "high thai").

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