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the only earth?

it doesn't rhyme with "babe"

given George Bush's addition of the letter "f" to Abu Ghraib at today's press conference, it might be time to revisit "How do you pronounce `Abu Ghraib'?" [slate]

here's the Daily Show clip [ds]

Not that the .asf audio plays on my computer.


i missed the press conference - where the hell do you put an 'f'?!

now under corporate sponsorship... fubu ghraib?
at the end: abu ga - reff.

it was the daily show's moment of zen, maybe it will be on their website later today.

i can accept that the pronunciation is difficult and not universal, but bush is doing a fantastic job of getting it very wrong in several different ways. maybe this means that he's trying?
i have last night's episode tivo'd, so i'll enjoy that moment later.

in my current cynical state, i'd argue that multiple pronunciations shows he's just winging it & doesn't care. it wouldn't be that hard for someone close to him to coach him on the correct way if it truly mattered. he's always portrayed himself as a 'big picture' guy; the little details are irrelevant.