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the only earth?

end of the world as we know it

wtf? Ebert and Roeper just gave The Notebook two thumbs up [mp3 review]. Aside from being deeply confusing, it's going to totally ruin its "unfavorable" metascore. [metacritic]


Funny. Maybe they read the book. I read the book years ago, and it's wonderful.
it's just way too melodramatic and sappy for my tastes. Not to mention really quite dishonest about alzehimer's and how "the power of their love" conquers all.

oh yeah

I have no doubt that the movie sucked. Of all of Sparks' novels they've made into movies, they all suck. And, they are always a lot different from the books - in a bad way. He is a romance author, so they are going to be sappy . . .