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chair, apartment

gloating sun

I met Carole and Atri at Seattle Center for an afternoon Harry Potter IMAX experience. When we found that the show was sold out, we decided to buy tickets for a later time and hang out by the fountain for a few hours.

I don't think I'd ever watched the International Fountain long enough to realize that it's more than just a big sprinkler. There seemed to be a routine that the jets of water followed, from being placated to shooting cannons of water. Regardless of the situation, it regularly elicited screams from the kids sitting around the edges.

In addition to people watching, all of us had other distractions; so it turned out to be a nice afternoon in the park. I read one of the stories in Oblivion and worked on a paper before we went inside for the big line for the sold out film. I thought that it stood up to a second viewing (especially on the very large screen). This time, I noticed a few scenes that could have been cut if the filmmakers were desperate for extra minutes of plot. As it stands, I think the film benefits from the funny moments and breathing room; I'm fine with people who read the book having a bit more information and back-story.

I took some pictures of the park, but I want to play with them a little before posting.


Harry Potter on IMAX? Crazy.
it wasn't exactly IMAX, since the proportions were normal (not a giant square). it was a big screen with good sound and true stadium seating, which was nice (since we sat on the floor the first time).
oh, okay. makes more sense now.
I was wondering how HP is on the IMAX screen - it's playing on the IMAX here and I've been debating whether it would be really awesome, or just too big to be good, and I expect it to be excellent if I'm going to pay $12 for a movie. I might have to check it out this weekend though.

your mileage may vary

I guess it depends on the local theater situation. Here, it was only $1 more to see it at IMAX. The movie was not overwhelmingly big (they don't use the whole screen; so it's not like the traditional virtual reality IMAX experience), the picture and sound quality were very good.

It's hard to say. The theater that I went to on opening weekend was not tiny, but the IMAX seats were definitely better and more comfortable than most. Our IMAX had some cute extras like HP decorations and concessions.

Re: your mileage may vary

I've never been to the IMAX here, but everyone says it's very nice. I think that the regular IMAX movies are only like $9, but when they have a movie that they know people (other than classes of school kids) will actually see, they charge $12. Which is pretty ridiculous since a regular movie is only like $7. Oh well, gotta make their money back somehow I guess.