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i am not a stuffed tiger.

clipping 2

First it was pirates in San Francisco, now it's superhero supplies in New York City. The new tutoring center from McSweeney's opens in Brooklyn:
The store has everything a modern, well-equipped superhero might need: leotards, boots, tights, magnets, chain ladders, nets and other tools of the villain-fighting trade. "We don't sell comic books or figurines,'' Mr. Seeley said. "It's literally what a superhero would use.'' [nyt]

826NYC joins 826 Valencia as the latest in a string of very neat Dave Eggers projects. What's next -- ninja supplies in Seattle?


Don't overlook Archie McPhee which is not a full-on pirate supply warehouse but will do in a pinch
Yes, but Archie McPhee lacks the authenticity (and tutoring facilities) of the 826___ projects.
I'm not certain that Park Slope is the area of NYC most in need of a tutoring drop in center.

it's not quite the Mission, is it?

probably not, but I assume it's in Park Slope since they already have the real estate there from the old McSweeney's offices/store. Maybe they should give the kids subway tokens?