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four down, one to go

To celebrate the end of the quarter, Elena and I went for dinner and a movie. Who says grad students can't party like rock stars?

So we saw Gosford Park and my head is still spinning a little bit from trying to figure out all of the relationships in that movie. I liked it rather a lot, and for a couple of seconds at the end I thought it might pull off best picture. But probably not.

Still, Robert Altman put together a huge talented cast with a whole lot of stories for a confusing, mysterious, funny, and generally entertaining film. I would definitely see it again because I'm sure I missed a lot of details.


eep! i didn't know you were a grad? where at? uw?

Re: the awful truth

yeah - at uw school of public health.
Congrats on finishing the quarter.. but Robert Altman will not win for that incredible movie because he is not "PC" in Hollywoods eyes and that is all that matters for Oscar


this is true. the academy awards are all about helping pc people make more money from their movies. but still fun to watch and speculate!


Boring movie. I appreciate the cast more than you can imagine - I'm all for Maggie Smith over Jennifer Connelley anyday. But best picture? Hell no. HELL NO!

Though, honestly - now that I'm giving this lots of thought. I would rather see it go to G.P. rather than A.B.M. b/c it annoys me that everyone "knows" it's going to be going to that movie.

I still say LoftheR all the way!

PS Are you going to see E.T.?

Re: bor-ring

There was a slow part in the middle while the murder was taking place, but I wouldn't call the movie "boring".

I would rather any of the four movies win over ABM. In terms of sheer moviemaking achievement - from acting to effects etc - I think Moulin Rouge or Lord of the Rings should win.

ET - probably.

Re: bor-ring

Yeah, I just think that it took a long - long time to get to the murder. I mean, I know, it was character development, etc. It's one of those movies I like more now that I'm not watching it.

ABM - it was good, don't get me wrong. I was tricked into a world of Schizophrenia. But - best pic? No.

ET - Can't wait!

Oh, and Robyn has no recollection of White Squall. She said Robin Hood was on and that was why she wanted to watch the Oscars - remember "No more midevil screams of angst!"?

Re: bor-ring

So did you think that we, the audience, weren't supposed to know that all that Ed Harris stuff was a hallucination?

The roommate stuff tricked me, but when it was revealed, I didn't really care since the government stuff was pretty obvious.