josh (joshc) wrote,

hot up here

lured by the prospect of alcohol and bagels, I made the trek to Fremont for the annual Solstice parade. After a few minutes at Martha's apartment, we staked out a spot conveniently located near the 7-11. There was a huge line inside, but there was also a machine with lemonade slurpee.

naked bikers!
yes, naked bikers. [four pictures]

the parade lasted about an hour. which, given the sun and my lack of sunscreen (I borrowed some in a panic near the end), was just about right. It didn't seem like there were a lot of entries, so the hour was kind of long. But really, naked people on bikes, inflatable dinosaurs, and an old woman on a cart! There were a couple of political floats that were pretty creative. Fremont at it's self-loving finest.


Once the parade ended, Carole and I fled the scene and had lunch downtown at Jai Thai. On my way home, I bought some stuff at the half-yearly sale at Nordsdtrom.


Tonight I watched The Fog of War. It is an exceptional documentary -- really more of an illustrated monolog by John McNamara. Here's this brilliant and controversial guy, indirectly responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths, sharing his eleven lessons and insights into some of the most critical events in twentieth century history to a Phillip Glass score.
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