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flying drumsticks!

yesterday (thursday): I went to the office earlier than usual for a conference call. Which is kind of silly, since I have a phone at home. However, it seemed even sillier to use daytime minutes when I could get them for free elsewhere. Plus, it's more fun to have a conference call with other people in the room.

I stayed for a while, but the new office space was empty and kind of weird. I'm blaming my lack of focus of a lapse in my gym schedule that accompanied the film festival and the end of yoga class. I tried to remedy this by going to the IMA before hella.

Chris and I walked down to Neumo's and decided to get dinner once we confirmed that hella was the headliner. In the immedite vicinity, was La Puerta; so we tried it. They had deep fried ice cream, but it was not advisable. Something about it wasn't quite right -- either the chocolate syrup or the flakey batter.

Anyway. The band before Hella was called Need New Body. They were ... special, I guess. Everyone seemed to like them a lot. You don't see that kind of show everyday. While we were watching, we noticed that Tim, Al, Malinda, and Geoff were on the balcony above us. Throwing things, apparently.

Watching Hella's show from the balcony was neat. Looking down on the people in the half filled room, I noticed heads bobbing to different beats created by only two people on stage doing seemingly impossible things with a guitar and drum set, finding meaning in the thousand tiny rearranged time fragments. And really, I don't have the training to say exactly why Hella is so impressive. They seem incredibly in control of music that appears chaotic, but turns out to be pretty highly ordered. Right. I think you need to see or hear it to believe.


Not much to report today. Worked from home, meeting on campus, possibly a movie tonight.


The Cory Doctorow "must read" is actually really good [text]. Though it was sitting in a hidden browser tab all day, I finally got around to reading it after seeing it linked five or six times.


too bad

Good speech. No surprise that from what I'm told, M$FT didn't buy it... But hails out to Cory for his valiant effort, giving the wildly improbable a try

Re: too bad

yeah. even though it probably won't have an effect on Microsoft, the speech has been transformed into hundreds of formats (html, mp3, wiki, etc.); so at least a lot of people can get a handle on the issues.