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yet another article on social networking software tomorrow today at Salon. Among the interesting parts is an explanation of counter-intuitive strengths of weak ties:
Flimsy is where the action is. Seek out flimsy, and you shall be rewarded. As Mark Granovetter explained . . . the counterintuitive key to social networking is that its value doesn't inhere in linking up to your best friends and soul mates.
. . . There's no fresh territory to plunder there. It's those people with whom you have "weak ties" -- the vague acquaintances, that guy or gal you once kind of knew, a little bit -- who offer a path into possibility that you didn't know was there. The essence of social software networks is that they are a clever way to organize access to the networks of people you aren't actually friends with. [salon]

Articles like this always leave me feeling like I should frantically search for yet unconnected friendsters. I'm looking forward to the inevitable publication of a guide to the care and feeding of successful friend networks. That is, if friendster was actually working.

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