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chair, apartment

briefly noted

After working for most of the day, I met up with Carole to return her book and give her a print of my coachella collage. We went to Bleu Bistro for dinner.

I hadn't been there before, and it's pretty amazing. All of the tables are in little nooks or on lofts and the menu is very long and riddled with incorrect word choices. Even though the grammar is not the best, the food was good and the little notes everywhere just add to the impossible charm of the space.


the bleu is a major point of contention for shannon and i. she absolutely loves it, but i always feel like i'm trapped in my grandmother's attic... unable to move or relax for fear of knocking some old piece of crap over.

the food is really good and reasonable though.
at least you can take comfort in the fact that knock-overables are crap. That is, you don't need to worry that you'll accidentally break a priceless artifact.