josh (joshc) wrote,

week in review

hello dearest stalkers -
since last you read my mind these things happened:
last week was all about finishing my paper and putting together a presentation for cardiovascular epidemiology. I think that it came together well, though I think that I talked for a ridiculous amount of time in my presentation. Maybe I could have been a bit more critical, but it was meant to be a review. I felt a little guilty as a guy in the front of the class started dozing off, but he has an infant at home so I'll blame the kid!

After that, I did a little studying for the big biostat final. That also seemed relatively decent. The funny thing about that class was hearing all of the different conclusions that people made with the exact same dataset.

I was a total shut-in for the weekend. It was rainy and I wasn't feeling ambitious. I attempted to go see Sleater-Kinney, but their show was sold out. I should've known. Every decent show sells out these days. Even freaking Saves the Day at Graceland on a MONDAY was sold out! I thought that it would be a nice thing to do after work, but the emo-bunnies had other ideas.

Anyway I got some shopping done today. I'm especially proud of myself - all of my mailable presents hit the UPS store today. I might not have to do a huge amount of shopping once I get back to Kalamazoo! Only one day left in Seattle, then my very first redeye flight ever. I think it will be fun.

Ooh - Tonight at Urban Outfitters, I think that I saw William Wilson, the lead singer for Aveo. He appeared to be working there, but I didn't want to be an annoying fanboy or anything. Plus, I would have been really embarassed if it wasn't him.

TOmorrow I'm off on an overnight flight to Michigan. I think that it will be fun to leave here at night and arrive in the morning. Other than the being on a plane all night thing, it seems pretty efficient.

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