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catching up, the end

I didn't see any of the SIFF award winners.


I think that Sunday's secret movie was one of my favorites of the film festival. Next time, I will really need to convince someone else to get a pass for the secret series.

The closing gala screening was Intimate Strangers. I thought that it was better than average, but found the ending disappointing. It was an entertaining concept.

The party was at Pier 66, which has impressive views of the Sound. The Washington State Ferries always succeed in being unexpectedly picturesque. In addition to the refreshments, the gala featured the musical stylings of Tennis Pro, who were entertaining, but seemed like a strange choice. Still, by the end of the evening, people were dancing and breaking tennis racquets (old ones, this turns out to be fun).

The director of the film,  Patrice Leconte, was at the party. He was nice enough to answer a question that we had about the plot (at least we weren't trying to get him to screen our film in France). Carolyn thought that she'd missed something in the subtitles, but it turns out that the confusing scene was intentionally so.

Ah champagne & vodka. We even ended up talking to the SIFF programming director, but he wouldn't reveal any favoritism for the movies. He wouldn't even admit that the Notebook was awful.

Carolyn's friends were there because their magazine was a sponsor. Helping to carry their foamboard signs out, I almost took one of the SIFF posters, but my mistake was caught on the way out the door.


Overall, I enjoyed SIFF and movie overdosing. Only a couple movies were bad, several were decent, and a few were recommendable.

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