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the only earth?


"under god" stays in the Pledge of Allegiance, on a technicality the basis of standing. [nyt, slate]1

happy flag day.

(1) See also: history [slate] of the movement that resulted in the change to the Pledge


I could care less either way about the whole "under God/god" statement. It's not meant as a statement of faith but rather poetic verse. I'm not opposed to the idea of removing it. The US is not a theocracy or 'a Christian nation' (many radical fundementalists seem to forget this one) and if the statement offends people, then legislation should be made like anything else to remove/reform it.
the words were added as a demonstration of religious faith (and anti-Communism) during the 1950s. The history of the insertion of god into the pledge and onto currency is really interesting [slate] and is definitely worth a read.

The problem with expecting a legislative solution is that removing the phrase does not play well politically. During this case, the Senate voted 99-0 in favor of keeping the 1954 version of the Pledge. The First Amendment is not always popular; so it seems like it will eventually be up to judges to interpret the constitutionality.