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I ate my last Cadbury Creme Egg yesterday and finished reading House of Leaves. So far, everything seems o.k.

Except that when Chris and I went to see Last Life in the Universe, I thought that it was at Cinerama instead of Pacific Place. We made it to the correct theater in time, but walked since we'd just filled a meter with quarters procured a trio of passing girls/women who were looking for restaurant advice.

The cool dark theater plus a carbohydrate loaded pretzel and a dreamlike movie combined and resulted in my falling asleep for a few minutes, and after that, I couldn't tell how confusing it was intended to be. It was certainly pretty looking. I'll probably need to see it again, just not urgently.

I ran back to Cinerama to meet Rachel for Criminal. We found seats in the balcony without too much trouble, despite my lateness. Payoff for running in the rain, I guess.

Criminal was mostly entertaining. I didn't see the original Nine Queens, which may have helped in this regard. There seems to be no shortage of crime/con movies, especially when Soderburg and Clooney are involved. After the screening, the director and John C. Reilley took questions. Some people like to ask very complicated long-winded questions and don't realize that no one can hear what they're saying. Amusing.

The party (/"gala") didn't start until after nine, so we walked around Belltown, went to Whisky Bar, which is not a whisky bar, and stood in the rain waiting to get into Brasa. The wet wait was justified by quite a lot of good food. We did not photograph the movie star with a camera phone.
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