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after work, went to Garden State with Jeff. The movie was decent, but I think that Zach Braff is a better director than writer. I can't decide if it's director > actor > writer or actor > director > writer, which probably means that they're interchangeable. The movie seems to exist for certain scenes and situations. There are lots of great looking shots and emotional type things that happen, but the story was secondary. I didn't really care about any of the secondary characters and kept waiting for Natalie Portman's character to have a seizure.

The soundtrack was appropriately hip (two tracks from Oh, Inverted World, the Iron & Wine version of "Such Great Heights," with plenty of Nick Drake). I especially enjoyed that the beginning of the movie was set in a restaurant that I've visited [nyc2003] (in the movie the place is in L.A. and not Brooklyn).

After the movie, we met up with some people at Golden Gardens as part of the Sarah & Mark going away festivities. The place was overrun with teenagers, circling fire pits. Of course, a few were scantily clad since it was a beach setting. The funniest part about the bonfires is that they're all very close to each other, which is kind of the opposite of what I would expect.

Since we didn't have a claim to a fire pit, we returned to Sarah & Martha's apartment to regroup before more drinking. For convenience, we stayed in Fremont and went to Norm's for a few pitchers. Some hasty drinking occurred, since Jeff was apparently racing against midnight.

According to the Stranger people from Michigan are good drinkers; so I did my best to help finish the extra beer. [drunkoftheweek]

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