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chair, apartment

afternoon roundup

Yesterday afternoon was all about interviewing people to work for the techfee. It's sort of fun and weird to interview people. Although decisive and judgmental aren't typically how I'd describe my usual worldview, I found myself being able to decide in a few minutes. Being on the other side of the interaction leaves me wondering how I have ever been hired or selected to do anything at all.

After interviewing and going to the IMA, I walked over to Buena Vista, a new place on the north part of Lake Union. It is in that weird hidden vaguely industrial part of the not quite U-district or Wallingford area. Perhaps even in the former location of the doomed Kalakala. I missed happy hour prices and spent something like twenty dollars for a mediocre mojito and half of an artichoke. Stupid.

I probably could have paid slightly less, but Jeff and I needed to leave the happy hour early to Elliott Bay to see David Sedaris and I didn't want to figure out the correct change. The bookstore was packed, but we were lucky enough to have tickets. Not exactly luck, since Jeff had to go pick them up on a Saturday morning earlier in the month. While we were waiting for the reading, David Sedaris walked up and asked to sign our books. Given the inevitably huge post-reading booksigning line, this was incredibly nice. Not to mention the coolness of author asking to sign a book instead of the other way around.

As expected, the reading was very funny. He read a story from his book ("Blood Work" which concerned a mix-up regarding an erotic cleaning service and the code word FIRE ISLAND), several entries from his diary (he has kept one per season for the past four years), answered questions, and endorsed Random Family [amazon] by but did not sing. He said some good things about the joy of seeing his stories in the New Yorker and about keeping a journal, but I'm horrible with dialog.

Back at home, I finally watched something from my neglected NetFlix stack. Dirty Pretty Things, really wasn't good enough to justify having it checked out for over a month.


Today has been uneventful. I'm going to see Garden State tonight. I think that it was the promotional aloe hand sanitizer handed out at Coachella that motivated my selection of this film. A de-griming product to promote a movie about New Jersey is too brilliant to resist.


isn't 'buena vista' one of the cover-up names for disney's empire (like touchstone and miramax)?
yep. here come the brand identity lawsuits!
oooo . . . I am so jealous. I love David Sedaris. He must have thought you were hot! In EW I read that his sister Amy's title suggestion was "True Enough For You" which just makes me laugh. The new stories are so funny . . . he's the best!!!!! I wonder if he's coming to Raleigh . . . he does always write about his "home". . .

getting by on looks.

yeah. it's too bad that you missed him.

(I meant to check his tour page when I got this comment, but forgot.)

Re: getting by on looks.

Yeah, so did I and . . . so did I!
There's nothing like being the interviewer to educate you to be the interviewee. I highly recommend it!
I used to get interviewed by our college newspaper (http://statenews.com) when I was involved with student government and the housing cooperative. The quotes were never too bad, but it was definitely a situation where I just hoped for the best.

I'm sure that it's harder than it seems, which is why it was easy for me to cut the reporters some slack in terms of accuracy. It's hard enough for me to transcribe the occasional phonepost!