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no comment

I don't have much to say about going to work, watching Control Room, or eating dinner at Queen Sheeba; so instead I present my favorite I SAW U ad of the week:
DAMB GIRL: u can swing
Mandy u r amazing!
Met u at the afterhours club,
you danced at catwalk b4.
you r so sexy, u turn me 360.
jeans sandals red-t
never been so hot,
you're a dancing goddess!
[7182, stranger]

Also of note, two of thirteen published "girls seeking boys" reference Tool as a band to like. So many arguments for zero population growth.


Oh come now... like them or not (I am in the not category), Tool are highly, highly, highly creative and proficient musicians.
oh fine. looking at the stranger personals was one of my only judgemental activities. now I'll try to be fair and balanced.
i just don't want you to fall from your position as The Only Person I Respect on the Internet!!!

I thought for sure you were posting this as another I SAW U ad that was about you.