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After printing1 a stack of articles on the office printer, I couldn't think of a good reason to stay in cubicle land just to read. My new favorite location for reading activity is the concrete bleachers (arena? really more of giant steps) at the IMA tennis courts. I like both the idea and the reality of this setting. there's sun, shade, and I can watch people playing tennis. Even the bad players are entertaining.


Franz Ferdinand at the Showbox with Chris and Cedric was a sweaty bouncy evening of dancehall fun. Except for the giant shorts wearing guy bumping into everyone, I like to pretend that the people around us are kind of in love with me happily drunk. This way minor accidental collisions are less rude. The band was really good with affable rock star poses; their set seemed short, but I guess they only have the one CD and we arrived a couple minutes late. I tried to steal a Múm poster, but was asked to return it.

After the show, we unsuccessfully tried to go out for a drink. Nitelite was too far in the sudden rain, then Jai Thai didn't have food, and WingDome was closed. If only they hadn't refused to go to Jade Pagoda...

(1) I know. I shouldn't be wasteful. Save a tree and all. But I seem to be incapable of absorbing anything scientific without a highlighter.

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