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chair, apartment

the I is for international

I saw three movies today, went to Top Pot, and got a haircut. Three movies is probably too many.

Film #1 was a secret and I can't write anything about it or else the SIFF police will hunt me down.

Film #2 was Bright Young Things, which was rather good. However, in contrast to the likely message of the film, I thought that it would be kind of fun to be a late 1930s British socialite, gossip columnist, or both. I didn't spend the "evening with Stephen Fry," but he said a little bit before the movie and was funny.

Film #3 was The Blind Swordsman: Zatoichi and I think that I am not a fan of samurai movies. The story wasn't interesting, the fighting wasn't good, and the special effects were a joke. Or maybe I'm just feeling overly critical after so many hours in a theater.

The SIFF lines are ridiculously long, but in both lines I ran into people that I didn't expect to see. The festival magic. Or something.

(despite my enjoyment of the festival, my favorite movie of the weekend was big budget major studio franchise phenomenon, Harry Potter)

I left my keys in my apartment, but discovered that it's spectacularly easy to break into my place. This raises the important question of whether it's better to close off the path of easy access or to leave it open for the next time I forget.


locked out

Weird! The same thing happened to me yesterday! I decided to close the window for the day (as to not press my luck), but I'll probably continue to leave it open in the future.

Re: locked out

I'm thinking about hiding a spare key somewhere on the premises, but that seems like it might be a bad idea. Maybe in some sort of lockbox?

Of course, that would take away the fun of breaking into your own apartment.

Re: locked out

Maybe one of those fake rocks with a key inside?

Re: locked out

probably more affordable than something involving biometrics.