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Went to the office in the morning for a few meetings. At one, the students got to pick out spaces in the new office. While we aren't on the windows anymore, it will be nice to be in view of natural light.

I thought about going to techfee late, but after walking to the bus stop and realizing how late I'd be I just went back to work. In the grand scheme of things, it seemed much more important to meet with Bruce to see that I was on track with my dissertation plans. Walking to and from the bus station provided a good excuse for experiencing daylight and the nice weather.

This decision didn't keep me from visiting the U-district as it was our last department happy hour of the quarter at the Big Time. Despite the late notice, several people came for beer and a pint o' pretzels.

After Thursday's frustrating attempts to establish a coalition to see Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Jeff agreed to see it with me. This made me immensely happy since I was really super excited to see it right away. We met at Pacific Place about a minute before the show and weren't able to find any seats other than the floor near the center aisle. I didn't think about how lucky we were that the floor was not disgusting. About twenty minutes before the end, one of the theater staff tried to get us to move, but after she realized that there weren't any other seats she let us stay as long as we promised not to tell anyone. This was slightly annoying since she interrupted a pretty important explanatory scene. Overall, sitting on the concrete floor eating hot pretzels was not a bad option and added to the immediacy of seeing the movie on the first night.

As for the film, I liked it a whole lot. I agree with most of the reviews that it is the best movie so far [salon] and have a feeling that this has to do more with Cuarón than with the source material. I'm sure that there were variations from the book, and am glad that I didn't re-read it before seeing the movie since parts still surprised me both in terms of plot and emotional value. I liked the first two movies, but only because I love the books and they didn't really mess anything up. I think that ... Prisoner of Azkaban stands on its own as a good piece of film entertainment -- the whole thing looks great (the hippogriff is fantastic and the dementors are rather scary looking), the kids are getting better as actors, the pacing is good, and there are many funny scenes -- which is remarkable since it's very much a middle chapter in the overall Harry Potter story.1

After the movie I caught up with Joe & Chris (& Sean [sp?] 2) at the apartment for beer and cookies before going to some guy's thritieth birthday party at Chop Suey. It was a free dance party complete with "nasty" music. At some point in the evening a custom pinata was smashed, leaving the floor covered with condoms, lube, and fortune cookies. This made for an interesting dance experience.

When the party ended, we set off in search of food. We were in line at Dick's when they closed. Police officers were present to disperse the crowd, presumably to prevent a riot.

With very few options, we went up to the Broadway Grill. The food was good, but it probably would've been more sensible to go to sleep hungry rather than filled with grease.

(1) Maybe this isn't surprising, since middle child Empire Strikes Back is clearly the best in the Star Wars series.
(2) he's in town to do research on weblogs. there was an entertaining moment when he was describing his plans to study livejournal without knowing that both Joe and I were on it.

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