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spring, take 1

Today was a good day to be thirteen floors up watching snow out a big window. I am completely mystified by the way that snowflakes and raindrops never hit the windows. Okay, two flakes hit the window today, but it's pretty rare. I imagine that there must be some principle at work here, but I don't know what it is.

If anyone knows, please tell me. Or at least tell me where to look to find out about this. My guess is that something about air flow involved. The building is shaped like a canned ham, if that helps.

Now, I think I'll eat some Spaghetti-O's !!



I'm a broadway producer and have word that you directed or co-directed "Funny Girl" at the infamous VHS. Due to the outstanding nature of this production in 1995 (video releases have just reached NYC) I wanted to contact you and find out what your secret it. I know that this is unrelated to today's journal entry, yet it seemed a good way to reach a talented director like yourself. Do you think "Funny Girl" could come together again? Are the actors, actresses, dancers, opera singers preparred?


I think that everyone involved with the production was required to sign a blood oath along those lines. So say the word and we'll see what we can do about activating the "PuiaSignal" to reconvene the appropriate players.


I think the property is wind.
yes, but what about the wind?

thank you,

a curious office-dweller