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sparkle motion

after a day of work, a long meeting, the IMA, and failed attempts to make plans, I was feeling mopey and decided to just go see the director's cut of Donnie Darko.1 I think this episode is probably instructive about my personality. Both in the part where I go to see a moody movie and in the part where I forgot how sad it is. Also in that while watching it, I try to figure out a way for things to turn out o.k. in the end even when I know what's coming next.

Overall, I think that the film benefits from the additions of the director's cut. It's still a mixed-up science fiction movie made inexpensively that succeeds based more on mood and good acting than the special effects (or story2). Even though it's still (intentionally) confusing to the audience, you get the feeling that Donnie has a clue about what's happening.

And it was just cool to see it in theater.3

[1] which was part of the failed coordination attempts. me: wanna see a movie? them: maybe in 1-2 weeks.
[2] entirely different from writing, which is also excellent.
[3] though a fuller theater, with people laughing at the funny parts might have been preferable.

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