josh (joshc) wrote,

two separate but equal sides

Nothing says honoring your nation's war dead like sleeping in until the internet guy arrives to fix the modem and watching the ever-so-compelling Law & Order marathon1 on cable while trying to track down your mother to wish her a happy birthday.

Eventually, I found motivation through caffeine to spend a couple of quality hours with Stata before catching a bus to Seattle Center to hear Rachel & Elena's steel drum band at the Folklife Festival.2

Post-performance we did some minor wandering to kill time while the steel drummers returned their instruments to the university. We reconvened at Cedar's for dinner and enjoyed many tandoori cooked bread products along with other favorites.

I had to rush to catch a bus so that I could see Primer [site] at SIFF. It's beyond amazing that Shane Carruth wrote, directed, acted, and produced the film without prior experience. Aside from being a movie made for the incredibly low price of seven thousand dollars, it looks great and is well written. Even though3 I'm not sure exactly what happened I really liked it. I need to think about it some more, maybe draw some diagrams, or just wait for it's regular theatrical release to pay more attention to the details.

(1) maybe that's par for the TBS afternoon schedule course
(2) Yes. This means that I was at the Folklife Festival 2/4 of its days.
(3) or because ...

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