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wide open spaces

we were on the road to the great middle of washington by nine thirty in the morning on saturday. fueled by too strong TNT espresso and without CDs we made it across the lake and through the rain and mostly past the mountains and rolling fields with cattle. What I didn't realize was that the Gorge is in George, Washington. I don't have proof that it's the worst use of wordplay in urban nomenclature, but it must be in the top ten. I guess they figure that the natural beauty will induce forgiveness.

The theme of this year's Sasquatch! festival was "windstorm." The lights and microphones were swaying dangerously throughout most of the day and sugar from elephant ears was often in the air.

We saw a number of bands including harvey danger, ben lee, visiqueen, cat power, the long winters, new pornographers, sleater-kinney, built to spill, the shins, the postal service, the roots, thievery corporation. (highlights in bold). Obvioiusly, best Postal Service live performance of the year. I wish that I had an understanding of what was going on on Jimmy Tamborello's end of the stage with the PowerBook and mixing tools.

The place had really cleared out by the end of the Thievery Corporation's set. Perhaps it was the cold and relative shortage of warm beverages. Perhaps it was the arrival of twin reggae performers for the last half. Nevertheless it was easy to get out of the parking lot and back on the road for the long drive home with slightly less rain and much more darkness. Somehow I ended up in the front passenger seat and felt the need to stay awake for the whole ride home. I guess it's a personal safety mechanism.


Sounds like I missed some fun.

This one time I wanted to stab myself in the eye because you got to see the postal service while I could only sing along to tape in my car.

Re: Sounds like I missed some fun.

just imagine ben gibbard and jenny lewis being all cute and jimmy tamborello being all laptopy the next time you listen to the cd (wearing an eyepatch) and you're almost there.