josh (joshc) wrote,

spilling the stray brainthoughts into this white box

I know I watch way too much television, but wow -- 24 is such a great show.

oh boy, was I productive today or what?

yes. I went to the pharmacy and bought some dental hygiene products, batteries, and a new notepad. Two of these purchases were to improve my studying efficiency. Then I went to the bookstore and bought the new McSweeney's (finally in stock!) for studying distractions. It is really neat -- a bunch of smaller booklets in a heavy cardboard sleeve with a big fat rubber band holding the whole package together.

After that, went to solstice and studied until my brain was full. For dinner, I got some take-out Thai food that came in cardboard boxes called micro-ware. clever, no?

Also - Six Feet Under. Another damn good show. The conversation about Brenda being prepared for death since she was six was really nice.

Time for bed. goodnight now.

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