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tonight I broke internal policy and went to the Folklife Festival. My friend's mom was in a band playing there, which was the reason for the exception. While her band played, there was contradancing, which was really confusing. Even though they tell you what to do, the caller is speaking a specialized language. There were enough experienced people there (well, most of them. we seemed to be among the minority of rank amateurs) to make it work. But, in it's own way it was pretty neat. The idea is a system of partner exchanges between two lines moving in opposite directions and it's kind of amazing that it works. Of course, I was confused most of the time. Even when I remembered what was supposed to happen next, I didn't know when.

In one song you meet/dance with half the people in the room. I kept thinking about how it would function as an instrument of socialization, people coming into town from far flung farms to meet their neighbors, possibly falling in love with a momentary partner while spinning to the music of fiddles.

A couple songs left me dizzy and ready to spectate.

Being the first night, Folklife didn't seem overrun with hippies. Maybe it was the rain? There were even a couple of kids in formalwear. Seems like a weird pre-prom activity.

We left the festival and hung out at Mecca for a while. Food was ordered from the bar. A guy tried to convince us to come to his Ramones Tribute Band at "Punklife." I'm otherwise engaged, but according to him, it will be fucking awesome and something of a surprise. You heard it here first kids.


I should probably go to sleep. Tomorrow will be lengthy with the trip to and from the Gorge for the Sasquatch! music festival. I think that we're going to try to be there early, since I'm more interested in the bands at the beginning of the day than the headliners.

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