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i am not a stuffed tiger.

cue violins

this new McSweeney's, number 13, that turned up in my mail this week looks like maybe the most beautiful issue that they've ever put together. And that's saying something given their history of producing really nice volumes.

Who knows if I'll ever get around to actually reading it beyond flipping through the pages and looking at the introduction and just feeling generally amazed by the foldout dustjacket, hidden mini-books, and gorgrous detailing. It seems that lately I have a hundred things in progress and no attention span whatsoever.

I'm actually making the situation sound a lot worse than it is. I started reading House of Leaves (er, House of Leaves?) this week, which is kind of a big step since I'm embarrassed to be in the midst of a phase where I can't even remember the last novel I read.1 The real culprit is the always growing stack of scientific articles, regularly arriving magazines, purchased but unread novels, and a couple of unfinished short story collections.

But this McSweeney's is a comics issue, which is neat (though my first instinct is to read the text parts). I haven't really read comics since I gave up on the continuing soap operatic saga of the X-men and friends. I mean, I read Calivn & Hobbes and get the Boondocks in my email, but that's about it. Not even the comics in The New Yorker (amazingly); so this should be interesting.

[1] See above regarding no attention span. I finished Master & Margarita about one month ago.


Just so you know

House of Leaves is going to fuck you up for life.

Re: Just so you know


after reading the preface, I seriously considered throwing the whole thing away. just getting it the hell out of the apartment, given that it was a used book store purchase not much would be lost at the expense of my lifetime sanity.

I ignored the impulse and kept reading, doubting the transformative powers of a text and thinking that I'd just read a little bit before deciding what to do about the book, and now I'm about a hundred pages into it; so it might be too late to stop.

Re: Just so you know

it's far too late.

just wait for the nightmares to start, they won't stop!

Re: Just so you know

so you're saying that the damage is done and I might as well finish the book?

(as I think about this, I notice that the apartments at the Rhodes have no shortage of random closets and doorways.)