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3 | the namecheck edition

So I was at this party with Mandy Moore at Republic and all of the food was miniature. I think it's because Jena Malone was there too and she might be sensitive about being 5'6" or something. At one point Ms. Moore stepped outside to greet her fans who weren't old enough to get into the bar. Even though the gala pass was a little splurgy, it is fun to go to events where champagne is sponsored, small foods circulate on little trays, and nutella snacks are always present.

Anyway, we'd1 just watched their movie, Saved! at SIFF, which the director described as Mean Girls meets The Passion. It was completely awesome. with what turned out to be a liberal-christian feel good message. Like many high school movies, it features a scene in which the outcast girl goes to the prom wearing a suit. The cast is great and the whole thing is very funny. So don't listen to Jerry Falwell and go see it when it comes to your town.

We actually had to leave the party early to see Off the Map, which was also good in an entirely different way. It was set in enchanting New Mexico and was really gorgeous. The story is about a depressed dad, nature mother, precocious teen, and IRS agent turned painter in the 1970s. It was kind of lyrical, almost a mood piece, that turned out to be strangely emotionally moving, yet I have no idea how they will ever market it outside the film festival circuit. Sam Elliot was at the screening to take questions.

All in all, a very neat evening in the presence of minor celebrities.

[1] throughout, and by we, I really mean me and my friend Carolyn. Though Mandy Moore, Jena Maloe, et al were in the row behind us.

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