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chair, apartment


the line for The Saddest Music in the World wrapped around the block and they were late letting people inside the Harvard Exit. Finding a seat was almost impossible, but at the last minute one appeared. The movie itself was kind of challenging. Parts of it were pretty. Most of it was in this ancient looking grainy shiny black and white and it felt like a very strange dream. I need to think about whether I'd recommend it.

after the movie, I tried to find a party but I think that the address that I wrote on my wrist was wrong. or else the apartment was located in a secret location hidden in the safeway.

instead, I walked to neumo's, where I'd missed everything but Elf Power and attendance was sparse. They were poppy elephant6 good, but not so excellent that I wanted to stay for more than an hour.


it was pretty packed when aveo played, but gradually dwindled through elf power's set. playing from 12-1am, even on a weekend, can have a negative effect on attendance.
I'm glad that the show was well attended -- it's great that aveo can fill a venue, though I'd hoped to catch their set. I guess expecting the show to be late was overly optimistic / fuzzy math.
yeah, they went on about as late as you'd expect for an opening band.

i was at the merch table after the show & a couple of the guys from summer hymns were bitching about being kicked off the stage towards the end of their set (they wanted to play one more song, but the soundman said they were done). they figured that a show shouldn't end until last call, so they could have had more time.
you're too old to be writing party addresses on your wrist;)