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i am not a stuffed tiger.

I (heart) tv

(some of) the rumors were true, Arrested Development will return for another season next year, and right after The Simpsons. [zap2it]. even though Fox produces mountains of trash, I have to give them credit for including a few great shows in the mix and for trying to develop a year-round programming schedule.


speaking of Arrested Development, yesterday there was a nevernude in the IMA -- wearing t-shirt, shorts, shoes and washing his socks in the shower.


I was so excited when I read earlier that they'd renewed it. It is definitely my new favorite show and the only thing I really made an effort to watch this year other than Friends.

Nevernudes are scary weird.

yeah. it's not as if the public showering experience needs any help to achieve strangeness.
I heard on the radio on Wednesday (?) morning and they asked people to call in about the shows that they are going to watch next year (the new ones) and I called to rave about A.D. and to tell everyone to watch it. Bob and Sheri were less than impressed, saying it's "very dark" and "won't last long, though Fox usually gives shows like that more time".