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it begins

Today was the opening night of SIFF. Carolyn & I saw The Notebook at the Fifth Avenue, which was very cool -- Seemingly well done asian theme decor. The movie, on the other hand, was not recommendable. Unless, of course, you enjoy seeing almost every movie cliché in a single film. It was based on a novel by Nicholas Sparks, if that gives you any indication.

Tell me, how freaky would it be to be in a rowboat surrounded by hundreds of white ducks? And to think that it would be fun to start feeding them? Not to mention the special power of love overcoming Alzheimer's? The overwhelming nature of the clichés made it somewhat entertaining.

My best guess is that the film was selected for the Opening Night Gala as something that wouldn't offend anyone, particlularly those who contribut large sums of money to Cinema Seattle.

Pre-movie were many speeches, including a recitation of sponsors and an appearance by Seattle mayor Greg Nickels.

Post-movie was the gala at the Seattle Art Museum. It was mostly held in the awkward space of the stairway with the old desert animal statues. Despite the strange space, it was fun. This assessment might be related to the fact that the event was sponsored by SKYY vodka, Nutella, and Sterling Vineyards and the high quality of the food selection. We didn't find anyone who loved the film, and didn't see any celebrities. Maybe they were all hiding in the VIP room (which looked less cool than the Lucky Strike smoking tent).

Pre- all of this: yoga and the IMA, some reading.


i was bitching to someone about how the stairway at the SAM is the only thing that looks like it actually belongs in a museum. if i remember correctly, he replied that the designer used the majority of the budget on that area and skimped on the rest of the building.... giving less attantion to peripheral stuff like... oh... the galleries.

do you know if that's true?
Sorry, I don't know anything about it. Aren't they expanding? Maybe the galleries will be better in version2.