josh (joshc) wrote,

winning hearts & minds

Kurt Vonnegut rants about the state of affairs in modern America:
Many years ago, I was so innocent I still considered it possible that we could become the humane and reasonable America so many members of my generation used to dream of. We dreamed of such an America during the Great Depression, when there were no jobs. And then we fought and often died for that dream during the Second World War, when there was no peace. But I know now that there is not a chance in hell of America’s becoming humane and reasonable.[inthesetimes]

It's very much an old tired man preaching to the choir, in a way that sort of makes me cringe in the same way that I worry when Michael Moore or PETA (et c.) attempt to make a point. It isn't that I disagree (I don't), It's just that all it really seems to do is contribute to the "bloodsport" that David Foster Wallace mentions in the interview I posted last night [-1d].

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