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weblog olympics?

Nerve is hosting a sort of weblog competition in which six webloggers write about their online dating experiences and are judged by readers:
Ladies and Gentlemen, we at Nerve have selected six bloggers who are clever, fearless and foolish enough to spread out their Nerve Personals dating adventures before you like a brunch buffet. The catch is that you, the Nerve readers, will control their fates. We ask that you not only give the boggers dating advice in the feedback section but also rate their blogs on an ongoing basis from 1-10. After two months, the blogger with the lowest overall rating will pack their blogs, so to speak, and new blogger will enter the mix. Be fair and be cool because, remember, it 'aint easy out there. Enjoy the ride ... [nerve]

An interesting experiment with so much potential to go horribly wrong. Just think, you can apply to be the replacement when strumpet22 or blackolive666 (etc.) are voted off the island. But two months? Seems like a long time to wait, but I guess they want to give everyone a fair chance to give into their exhibitionist tendencies.

Perhaps they should match these webloggers up with people listed in Esquire's brutally honest personals?

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