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... tennis today with Jeff after yoga. Even though I hadn't played since the days of the Toad Lane summer leagues, I managed to eke out a victory (not that I care about winning). I did forget about the number of games required to win a set. It wasn't especially pretty, but it was fun to play again, given the apparent onset of warm weather.

We met Carole for dinner at the Thaiger Room, where our server thought that we were into speed eating. Maybe they just weren't used to not being crazy busy, but everything seemed to appear and pile up rather quickly. It was kind of unsettling, but the Thaiger Noodles were good, as usual.

Post-dinner, Carole and I hung out at Solstice, until it was time to catch busses. I got home just in time to catch 24.


other notes:
- there is a lost cockatiel named Sugar in my neighborhood. the poster is priceless.
- today I handed outgoing mail directly to a mail carrier. old world charm.
- on the bus to campus, I pass the apartment from Singles
- I used to think that my old guy upstairs neighbor was having a lot of regular sexual episodes, but it turns out that he (or his possible illegal dog) probably has some weird respiratory condition.
- I really like this album a whole lot (The Earth is Not a Cold Dead Place)

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