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At the gym today I thought it would be fun to run on the treadmill for a little bit. This turned out to be true, except for the part where my knee is now killing me. I knew there was a reason to stick to the dorky elliptical machines.


I've been fish-sitting for the world's oldest goldfish. Despite my fears, it survived the weekend and didn't managed to escape from the bowl. This seems like an irrational concern, but I notice it occasionally splashing.


television tonight has been weird. the Simpsons was political and the Sopranos is surreal. This dream sequence is definitely on par with "Restless" and Twin Peaks.


Last night Tim mentioned something about In the Aeroplane Over the Sea being inspired by Jeff Magnum's passionate love affair with the ghost of Anne Frank. I probably wouldn't have thought of this, but I'm pretty bad about processing lyrics. Searching for this on the internet, I found some support for the theory and t-shirts.

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