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citrus is not any less harsh than other listerine flavors

Today being a saturday, it seemed necessary to get a haircut and shop a little bit. It is always entertaining to get a haircut because my barber discusses his belief in things like acupuncture.

Being happy to be surprised to get home in time just for the Capital Gang is incredibly dorky, but you know. That's life.

Al cooked dinner at the loft, and I was really glad that they called since I am absolutely terrible about making plans. I judged the meal to be top drawer, but this is apparently not an an appropriate compliment. Some might say it is akin to mid-shelf, but I disagree.

After dinner, we subjected Flash to experiments. I think that she ultimately enjoys them because they always involve treats. Experiment 1 concerned her ability to capture a treat attached to a harness antenna. Experiment 2 tested her ability to escape from a ring of folding chairs. Dogs are so entertaining. I really need to find a way to get one of my own.

By the end of the evening, we had proposed solutions for several geopolitical conundrums. One quick fix required hot lava, quarantines, and titanium fencing.

Leaving the loft, I was reminded of the existence of the Pioneer Square night life microcosm. It kind of scares me, but it is nice that the neighborhood can function as a convergence zone.

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