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Today, I had to discuss an article about reduced number of heart attacks during the time of a public smoking ban in Helena, Montana [bmj] for our journal club. It's pretty sad that they were only able to keep the ban in place for six months until the gambling industry intervened. The case is now under consideration in the Montana Supreme Court; so who knows? They're challenging the anti-ban on a procedural technicality.

After the series of meetings, Carolyn and I went to the SIFF office to pick up our extra cool Anniversary Gala passes (marked g, below), which required us to be polaroided. We spent a long time looking at the schedule and decided on a few more to see:

The Notebook (g)
The Saddest Music in the World
Saved! (g)
Off the Map
Donnie Darko: The director's cut (g)*
Before Sunset (g)
Bright Young Things
Last Life in the Universe
Criminal (g)
Intimate Strangers (g)

At the last minute, I decided to buy a pass to the Secret Festival. The oath of secrecy kind of scared me. There are still more that might be added, but I'd like to build a constituency before committing.

* oops. sasquatch will force me to miss this : [

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