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drinking in the dark


one time, I titled a livejournal post with Homer Simpson's AOL email address. That post is now in the top ten google results for a search of chunkylover53, which has resulted in a couple of random comments. It turns out that the email address is actually registered to one of the writer-producers of the show [simpsonsarchive].


After seven months [-7m] of trying, our team (Paper Beats Rock) won the pub quiz at the Irish Emigrant. It was pretty awesome -- we were even in the lead for most of the rounds! The prize money almost paid for my dinner. Indeed, a great day for students. (see also: McPherson to leave MSU in 2005?)

Among the lessons learned: "Dude Looks Like a Lady" is about Vince Neil, King Arthur is buried on Avalon Island, a healthy individual releases 3.5 oz. of gas in a single flatulent emission, Chewbacca was 100 years old in Star Wars Episode IV, the historical figure most portrayed on film is Napoleon.


phil mickelson

congratulations on your team's accomplisment.
you've officially got the trivia monkey off your back.
now it's time for complete domination.

Re: phil mickelson

as long as we can win 1/6 weeks we'll basically break even. that would be something of an achievement in itself. but really, it's a great excuse for greasy food.
[-(x)d/m/y] now being the coolest way to link to an earlier post!!!!
... just wait until I start posting [+(x)d/m/y] to predict the future!