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chair, apartment

sleeping in

Today I went to the IMA and read (and slept) a lot. There is now wireless access at solstice_cafe, though I don't know if it's official or spillover.
I started looking at the SIFF lineup (probably a couple days too late). I'm trying to make a list and find people who want to go. So, if you have suggestions or want to go, let me know. The list is intimidating, ideas are appreciated.

I wonder if the Stranger is still going to give away a full series pass since they auctioned one off in their Strangercrombie eBay spectacular.
I caught part of the Survivor finale. I think that the marriage proposal was a very clever way of getting around the rule forbidding the sharing of prize money.


Um, I think you have the wrong URL, it's http://www.seattlefilm.com/index.aspx?detect=yes

Go see "Last Life in the Universe"! It's great! Take friends!

encarta instincts

thanks, I fixed it. I don't know why I put the wrong URL there, I'd been looking at the correct site for hours.

another copyediting question: when did the rule about the names of films being italicized change? or does this rule vary from publication to publication?
I'd like to go to a SIFF film. It doesn't matter which one, because it's all a big game of russian roulette anyway.
cool. When I have a list, I'll send it to you and you can pick based on times and random number generation techniques.