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In the elevator to my office this morning, the FedEx guy pushed the button for my floor and I realized that my iPod was on his cart. When the door opened for the 13th floor, I asked if one of the packages was for me. instead of asking my name, he said "are you Josh?" and handed me the box. Which, when you think about it is pretty sketchy -- no signature or anything.

(I also realized how bad it was that I didn't really consider not getting a replacement.)

After working, a conference call, and techfee, I went to ODG to use a computer with two firewire ports to copy all of the songs from old ipod to new ipod. This turned out to be much easier than I anticipated.

By the time the process was complete, it was time to go to the Big Time for epidemiology happy Friday. After a couple hours, beer, and nachos, Carolyn and I decided to take a bus downtown to watch Mean Girls. We missed the intended showtime by fifteen minutes; so we killed a half hour in the relatively boring retail core. The movie was enjoyable and funny and of course featured a feel good message and the little girl from Party of Five. If you're looking for something kind of commercial and funny; go ahead and see it.

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