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drinking in the dark

about time

It is entirely possible that an I SAW U ad is about me in this week's edition of The Stranger.

at long last, my bad boring dream comes true.


you could very well become the next meme with that sort of fame.
the first step to world domination!
what did it say slash how do you know it's for you?
my bets are on the victrola I SAW U ad. There are plenty of cute girls there.
now I see why you developed the "you win the prize" image!
are you going to call it?!
No, I doubt that it's worth $2/minute.
i got one once and was thrilled to the core. then i realized it was from a dude and all my dreams were crushed (though i remained flattered).
it took me a while to realize that the sex of the seer was ambiguous. i assumed that short blond = female, but maybe that would be short blonde?

oh well, it's all about being seen anyway. so validating.
would you please reprint the text and tell the story for those of us who do not live in seattle?

always thinking of yourself, as usual.
(1) I thought that you were a subscriber to the stranger.
(2) the I SAW U ads are on the stranger's website
(3) posting the content of the ad takes all the fun out of the speculation

Victrola, 3pm-ish. You: male sitting against window with laptop. Me: short blond with yellow cheetah T. You saw me enter. I was planning to pounce, but you had already left. 6962