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in other news

When I took the headphones out of my iPod yesterday, the jack turned out to be broken and permanently lodged in the port. Today, I went to the Apple store and found out that it would cost $250 plus a $30 battery replacement fee to have it fixed. Given that a newer model with a bigger hard drive can be purchased for a $100 more than that, I think that I now have a very fancy firewire hard drive.

I am already going through withdrawal symptoms; so I'll need to figure something out soon.


hey, that happened to my friends i pod. what generation ipod do you have?

my friend has been trying to get apple and best buy (where he got his ipod and warranty plan) to replace the ipod since this has been happening to a lot of people and it seems to be a defect on apple's part with the first generation ipods. so far he's had no luck with either retailers so he just rounded up a bunch of letters to send to apple/best buy that this is a bigger problem than they seem to acknowledge.
I think it's second generation -- 20 GB with the controls around the touchpad scroll wheel. Did he ever find a way to get it replaced?

They're selling a refurbished 30 GB at apple.com for $350, which seems like my best option for now.
he hasn't had any luck in getting it replaced! i think apple should replace it or fix it for free since it seems to be happening to a lot of people. 1 friend has the 1st generation and another has the 2nd where the jack insert area just fell apart..the ipod lounge has a bunch of people with issues on the same thing bitching about it too.

..its kind of like purchasing a car but OOPS the steering wheel is stuck or the clutch doesn't work and the car is completely useless so you can either buy another car or pay nearly the same amount of the new car to get it fixed.

I'd be more angry at Apple, but I realized that the damage was probably my fault. I casually tossed my iPod into the trunk of the rental car before going into the campsite at Coachella. I was carrying a bunch of stuff and assumed the iPod was indestructible.

Still, the whole process is retarded. It would probably cost them much less if they were willing to replace the headphone jack instead of the whole unit. If I knew anything about electronics (or even where to get electronics fixed), I have a feeling that this would've been possible.