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beach, outside

scenes, or photos before bedtime

my coachella pictures that don't involve bands.


those look great! that chandalier thingy was at burningman -- i'm glad to see it's being exhibited elsewhere. i think it's really well done.
I was really impressed by the art installations -- giant insects, corporate crushing robots, human powered amusement parks, neat things with light & projections, lightning bolt generators, and plumes of fire!

I wonder if they just pack up the giant chandelier and move from festival to festival? it's probably stored in someone's back yard when not on display.
Omj, Josh with facial hair!

Did Chris get a sunburn?
I know! I felt that it would've been cruel not to document the partial completion of your overdue non-shaving challenge.

I don't think that Chris, or anyone got a sunburn. There were remarkably few sunburns to be seen in the whole crowd. I think that the natural tendency of indie kids is to fear sunlight; so everyone was apparently very careful with the shade and sunscreen.
i haven't read any other updates yet, so this may be premature, but did you see an actress from the O.C. there? i heard some news story about her being there, and her boyfriend doing something . . . i dunno.