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two days in the desert and no sunburn

made it back to seattle this afternoon after a weekend in indio. coachella was really good & surving the heat was much easier than expected.

I have a bunch of uninteresting pictures of bands that I need to sort through before posting a full report. stay tuned.


in other news, we were one wrong guess away from quiz night victory.


i know i'm obsessed but,

did you get a chance to see sage francis?

i'm such a disappointment

I didn't get to see him. He was playing in a very hot tent at the same time as cursive, the cooper temple clause, and belle & sebastian, (and thrusday) were playing outdoors.

There were at least seven days worth of artists in two days.

Re: i'm such a disappointment

i can imagine, it must have been overwhelming.
plus, you don't really know him, so there was no incentive.
and that heat. i know that kind of heat well.

next time he comes to seattle, if i'm there, you should roll with us. he really is brilliant.

Re: i'm such a disappointment

looking back at the schedule I probably would've rather checked him out over cooper temple clause or thursday, but those were compromises made partially for reasons of group dynamics.
I'm looking forward to casting envy upon all the pictures you post from coachella.