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beach, outside

the desert

dig this: I'm going to Coachella tomorrow and it's supposed to be 100+ degrees during the day. I'm tempted to get a personal cooling system, but that would be too dorktastic, right?


yes, it would be really dorktastic.

but ... you're going to coachella! i'm jealous!
pj harvey & desert sessions...mmm...
apparently, p.j. harvey wasn't there, but Sparta/the Pixies caused us to miss both Desert Sessions and the Rapture anyway.

even if it's dorktastic,
you'll be cooler right?

make sure you catch sage francis! he's great live.

dry heat

I should go to one of their stores to see if it actually works.
Nah, just take a hat with a big brim, a 1L water bottle, and some SPF 40 and you're set.
modification: baseball cap, lots of purchased water, spf 15.

still, no heat exhaustion or sunburn. incredible.
you are a god among men
with great power comes great responsibility